Dragons are essentially winged lizards that can breathe fire. There is a sulphur pouch in their throat and when they cough against it ferociously a spark is made and the cough sends a flame towards its target. Baby dragons haven't mastered this art and thus cannot breathe fire. Baby dragons will be seen slashing at you with their claws due to their inability to produce fire efficiently.


There are an abundance of dragon species on Fire-Pk. Below is a list of them all:

  • Chromatic Dragons
  • Metal Dragons
    • Bronze Dragon
    • Iron Dragon
    • Mithril Dragon
  • Special Dragons
    • King Black Dragon`
    • Skeletal Wyvern`

`Does not award dragon points when slain.


  • All non special dragons can be found at the Dragons' Lair.
  • Blue dragons, metal dragons, and baby dragons were added with the Dragons' Lair update in V3.

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