Your everyday hero, wearing a variation of a rune platebody, rune platelegs, and a rune sq shield. He also seems to be sporting standard leather gloves and boots. He uses a Rune sword to attack.


This is the only NPC or Monster that can be pickpocketed. Pickpocketing a hero yields 3,000 gp and 13650 thieving experience. You need 80 Thieving to pickpocket heroes.


Hitpoints: 83

Level: 69

Max Hit: 3 (5)

Attack Speed: Longsword Speed

Attack Style: Melee

You will only take 5 damage from a hero if you fail to pickpocket them.


These monsters are only located at their spot in Low Level Training Area.


Item Dropped Chances of being dropped` Worth``
Bones 100% 75gp
  • ` based on 100 kills
  • `` at Jatix


  • Despite using a Rune Short Sword, he attacks at a longsword speed.

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