Rock crab

General Edit

Rock Crabs are rocks with pincers and legs, essentially making it a rock with crab parts.


Hitpoints: 50

Level: 13

Max Hit: 3

Attack Speed: Longsword Speed

Attack Style: Melee


These monsters are only located at their two spots in Low Level Training Area.


Item Dropped Chances of being dropped` Worth``
Bones 100% 75gp
Coins x4500 28% 4,500gp
Uncut Sapphire (noted) x1 31% 375gp
Uncut Emerald (noted) x1 18% 975gp
Uncut Ruby (noted) x1 17% 1500gp
Manta Ray x1


Tooth Half of Key 1% 187,500gp
  • ` based on 100 kills
  • `` at Jatix


  • Despite being attackable, these creatures do not appear on your minimap.
  • Rock Crabs on Fire-Pk are not aggressive.

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